The PLUG facilitates the organizing of resources and services to assist collectives and individuals that empower underserved and under-resourced communities.

District Attorney's weekly press conference on anti violence.

 Budgeting and Goal Setting workshop at Cheyney University. The PLUG provided information on financial literacy to college students in a fun and engaging way!

The PLUG collaborates with other community organizations such as The ECO Foundation working with the Young B.U.L. Program 

Career planning conversations with youth at the West Philadelphia YMCA

The PLUG works towards an equitable and just society by empowering and uplifting marginalized communities to reach their full potential and aid them in personal development and liberation. 

Types of Service

Our Service Coordination program assists individuals and collectives by organizing a variety of services and resources to meet the community member's needs. These services consist of but are not limited to:


The PLUG actively champions the rights, needs, and well-being of individuals and collectives to ensure voices are heard and equitable access to resources and opportunities is secured


Assistance in applying for any government programs, public benefit and/or other private insurance matters as requested (i.e., supplemental health insurance, life insurance, pension)


Facilitating and organizing educational services, schooling, vocational training and/or employment or volunteer opportunities

Healthcare services

Assistance in obtaining information and/or referral to services that optimize and maintain the member’s physical health (i.e., physician, medical professional, nutritionist, etc.)

Homemaking and Management 

The PLUG provides essential resources and services towards individuals and families experiencing housing insecurity, offering support and assistance to address their immediate needs and empower them towards stable housing solutions


Arranging crucial meal services to ensure members are receiving adequate nutrition

Mental Health

Assistance with linking members with a psychiatrist, mental health caseworker, counselor, therapist, support group, and any other providers designed to assist with emotional wellness issues